Charisma Carpenter talks about getting fired from Angel. Thank you for sending me this link!

This is the interview I’ve been talking about for a while.  Everyone should watch this.

Will I always reblog this?  Of course I will always reblog this.  Will I ever get over how in a single horrible, unforgivable decision Joss ruined AtS, fandom perception of Cordelia Chase, Angel/Cordelia, and pretty much all of his credibility as a feminist?  Nope.  Poor CC.  :(  Every time I hear about this my heart breaks for this woman a little bit more. 

But she and Julie Benz are the best BFF ever.  They should do adorable chick flicks together.  I would totally watch that shit.

Must watch!  Charisma tells the truth of what really happened behind the scenes at AtS, her pregnancy, her strained relationship with Joss and how she was asked to come back for the 100th episode.  I’ve known for awhile, but I know some of you may not have known what happened.

Reblogging in case anyone is still under the illusion that a) Charisma Carpenter was fired for anything other than GETTING PREGNANT and b) that Joss Whedon was ever a real, actual feminist or even a friend to women. 

Seriously, though. I wish fans and people who want to defend Whedon would listen to her talk about that she was on both shows for a combined total of eight years. Charisma was 26/27 when BTVS started out. So by the time she got pregnant with her son, she was about 31/32. 

I mean, what’s she supposed to do? Keep waiting to have a baby and live her life until the show finally runs out of steam? What if it goes for another five years? 

Also, can we please keep in mind what actually happened here: this supposedly feminist man decided to damage the career of a woman who worked for him because she made a personal choice with her own body (ie - to have a baby) because that choice didn’t line up with what he wanted her to do in order to embody his vision of a female character. And not only did he do that, but he treated her like crap and even went back on his stated promises to her. 

All because it amounted to a woman not doing what he wanted so he could have the female character on his show be just the way he wanted.

In what world does that guy get called feminist? Oh yeah, this one. 

I just feel so bad for Charisma Carpenter. I do. Because she can never tell this story straight out. She has to be really, carefully diplomatic about it and make sure to say that everything’s fine now and she’s cool and Joss is still a great guy. There’s probably way more she’ll never tell or at least not for a long time to come. Because she still can’t afford to piss Joss Whedon off. 

Because this feminist guy will, in response to a woman doing something he doesn’t like, use his power to damage her career. 

So let’s just think about that, yeah?

Well this is depressing. 

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